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 Using Sex to Get Love and Vice versa

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Using Sex to Get Love and Vice versa

Women have sex with their boyfriends out of fear of losing them, and they wonder if they should do it. For example, Jane who keep getting involved with men who sleep with her but then won't call. What did she do wrong?

The advise is , hold off having sex until you really know someone and what he wants out of a relationship. You can't possibly know someone's true intentions early in a relationship. If you find yourself jumping into bed too soon, examine your self-esteem and deeper emotional needs. 

Too many people have sex when they are really looking for is love. If you sleep with someone whose feelings are not the same as yours, you are bound to end up feeling hurt. It's a mistake to have sex with someone you don't really know with the expectation of receiving love, just as it's a mistake to mislead someone into thinking that you care when all you really want is sex.

Some people (admittedly more men than women) love the thrill of conquest and will "work" the relationship until they get what they want. After that, they lose interest. If you've ever been in this situation, you know how easy it is to blame yourself -- for not being interesting, sexy, or attractive enough. instead, recognize you were being used, and be wise to prevent it from happening next time.

For example, Anita met a attractive guy in her class who flirted with her shamelessly and wrote 'I love you' on her notebook. He called her a few times and once they have phone sex. After that, he stopped talking to her. What's up? It is very possible that this man either got what he wanted, or realized he wasn't going to get exactly what he wanted, so he pulled away. Anita should be glad this guy came and went so quickly. Also Anita should have take responsibility for her own actions. After all, she engaged in sexual phone games with a man she barely knew. As the saying goes, if you cast your net too wide, you're bound to snag a few bad fish.


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