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Cyber00.com's unique array of features and services gives us the opportunity to bring Advertisers some of the most advanced media options on the internet. In addition to traditional banner advertising, Cyber00.com offers unique product placement opportunities, video commercials, sponsorships, and more. Some of our most popular options are described below. More comprehensive sponsorships are also available. For information on any of advertising opportunities here at Cyber00.com, please email us at support@Cyber00.com. We also have a full media kit available containing in-depth demographics and technical information.


Throughout the Cyber00.com website, there are several unique and eye-catching locations where we can place your company's logo and link. These mini-sponsorships can be effective both for brand-association and generating new traffic. These ad placements are sold on a flat-rate, monthly basis. Current availabilities include:

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Contact Information:

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