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"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated." (Alec Bourne)

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 Spicing Up Your Sex Life

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Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Kelvin said his girlfriend likes to role-play. One night she wanted to dress like a reindeer and make him Santa." She asked, "What would YOU like to be?" He answered, "I'd like to be a musician and have her be a groupie."

Do you have a favorite fantasy "sex script"?" Or is there a particular sex scene from a movie or book that turns you on? There is nothing wrong with imaging or acting out fantasies, as long as each partner is into the scene. Be creative. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions.

Many people have idiosyncratic sexual desires or fetishes. For instance, Larry want his girlfriend to take nude pictures of him with her bra on his head. Carla was excited having sex when other people are around, like in the mall or parking lot. Fantasies and desires are very revealing. Think about your own; what do they tell you about yourself? How do your desires make your feel (safe, secure, risque, rebellious, different)? If you're not hurting anyone, then it's fine to consider acting out your fantasies or indulging your fetishes. If, however, you are using this behavior to escape a real relationship and intimacy, reconsider and focus on some healthier activities.


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