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"People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know much say little."(Jean Jacques Rousseau)

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 Positive/Negative signs

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Positive/Negative signs

Along the way, there will be signs about whether the two of you are interested, and whether you are suited for one another. These are some good signs: 

  • He asks what you would like and then does it.
  • The amount of time you talk together increases.
  • The things you share become more intimate.
  • He says "sweet" things (such as, you are gone only a few hours and he misses you).
  • You think about each other when you're apart.
  • You both put other people on hold when either of you calls.
  • You leave some free time (from work or other appointments) to see each other.
  • You start to wonder what each of you is doing when you're not together.
  • You get a twinge of possessiveness or jealousy
  • You are amused by other things about him that might have annoyed you in others in the past.
  • You think about having a picture of her.
  • Both of you think about doing things to please the other person.
  • You develop experiences that you call your own ("your song," "your place to eat").
  • You both feel comfortable sharing feelings.
  • You both listen attentively to each other.
  • You do thoughtful things for each other (scraping the ice off her car, leaving him his favorite breakfast at his door).
  • You enjoy each other's company, even if you're "doing nothing."
  • He asks what you did that day, and is interested in hearing your experiences.
  • Neither of you has a desire to date anyone else.
  • Fantasies about meeting anyone else fade.
  • Flirtations from others don't make you flirt back.
  • He buys you your own toothbrush and puts it in his bathroom.
  • You aren't afraid to do and say what comes naturally to you.
  • You express affection freely to each other.
  • You're willing to spend time with her friends or family.
  • Warning signs it's not working out well:

    • One of you makes all the approaches or invitations.
    • One of you is always hesitant to make definite plans and leaves things until the last minute.
    • You get together only if there is nothing better to do.
    • Some things your date says don't ring true.
    • You find yourself being unnatural, playing games, or being dishonest.
    • Dates are refused.
    • He lies.
    • She plays games.
    • Dates are often broken.
    • You get excited about meeting that new girl your friend wants to fix you up with.
    • You find yourself not feeling special or thinking, "He says that to all the girls" or "She's the same way to every man."
    • She seems unresponsive when you are together, or his attention to you is inconsistent.
    • He doesn't show any affection (holding hands, hugging).
    • She is critical.
    • Everything is on his terms (where you go, when you go out) and never at your request.
    • You don't "feel" any emotion from him -- or for him.
    • He makes too many references to sex too soon.

    The more these warning signs that apply, the less likely that you are truly interested in each other. Of course, it is possible that other things are getting in the way, but generally, if many of these signs are present, it is best to turn your attention elsewhere.


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