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 Primping Your Home

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Primping Your Home

Whether you're going to be picked up at home, or plan to go back to your place for a nightcap, review your place with an eye for having company. Do it yourself, or if you have a few days to prepare, get a cleaning service to do a really thorough going-over (save your nickels, though -- these services cost about $50 for three hours). If you're rushed for a last minute visit, go over the essentials.

Think about what he will see when he walks in. Likely he'll come in the doorway and sit for a few minutes in the living room. Put away any unnecessary mess (papers, clothes, boots, dishes). Fluff up the pillows. Collect any balls of dust on the floor (swipe a wet paper towel over exposed areas). Adjust the shades (either closed or open, as you like). Turn on lights to whatever level you want.

In the bathroom: He may ask to use the toilet, so swish cleaner with a scrub brush in the toilet bowl, to get rid of those stains and ugly rings. Don't forget the underside of the toilet seat (especially because he will raise it). Swish through the sink, too. Fold the towels over the rack neatly. Wipe any unsightly blotches or spritz from your toothpaste off the mirror.

In the kitchen: He may want a drink of water, so scrub the sink. Put away any dishes. Have a glass handy so he doesn't have to go through your cabinets.

In the bedroom: close the door so your bedroom is not visible. But make the bed and throw any scattered clothes into the closet.


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