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"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men - that is genius."(Ralph Emerson)

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 Nonverbal Ways to Tell Him You're Interested

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Nonverbal Ways to Tell Him You're Interested

You can also show that you're interested in someone and sense if a person is interested in you without using any words at all. "The four P's":

  • Presenting. Present yourself in a sexy and alluring manner. For example, lick your lips, trace the outline of a scoop-neck top, or run your hand down your leg.

  • Preening. Show that you know you're appealing. Straighten a tie, smooth or toss your hair.

  • Parading. Stay close to your prey. Show that you're checking her out (think of an animal circling around its prey). For example, Barry had his eye on Jessica at a party. She, however, was being pursued by so many men that she was unlikely to notice him. But while others courted her and drifted away, Barry always reappeared in her line of vision, until the end of the night when he offered her a ride home -- which she took!

  • Posturing. Nibble at food or play with the rim or stem of a glass suggestively. How you stand, sit, and even walk says a lot about you. For example, tilting the head implies vulnerability, extending an arm is inviting, cocking a hip is seductive.


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