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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" (Marcel Proust)

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 Downsides to Cyberdating

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For all the convenience of online romances, there's also a downside to cyberspace dating. These include cautions, dangers, and compromises that are similar to those for other dating services )described in the previous chapter). And because of the Internet's widespread reach -- it's accessible to all kinds of people, including characters with less-than-pure motives, there are even more dangers.

Take heed of the following cautions:

Dishonesty of others. The biggest danger of the Internet involves one of it's biggest advantages: You can be anything or anybody you want. As result, you must be extremely wary of liars and con artists. Don't immediately believe everything you read. Remember, it's very easy to deceive someone online or be someone or something other than yourself. If you're really interested in someone you meet on the Web, take the next step and meet over the phone, see a photo, and so forth.

Your own dishonesty. As with other personals, you can also hide behind the anonymity of words, making up stories about who you really are or what your really look like. But it is best to be honest about yourself, especially if you really want to meet someone in person. If you get to that point , you'll have a lot of explaining to do if you haven't even completely above board.

Escaping real relationships. Cyberlove junkies can escape real-life, person-to-person relationships without even realizing. Online minutes easily become online hours, without the everyday dating problems. In-person love and sex can be replaced by eroticism from a distance. Don't get off on netsex, but get an offline life and a lover you can see and feel!


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