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"Some books makes me want to go adventuring, others feel that they have saved me the trouble." (Ashleigh Brilliant)

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The simplest form of communicating with a love interest is through e-mail, much like writing a letter to someone or making a phone call. All you need, of course, is an e-mail address. Obviously, it's more difficult to e-mail strangers, but this is a perfect way to send a quick note to someone you just met. Think of how easy it would be to send a short e-mail to ask how that person's day is going or to even ask someone out for dinner -- it's certainly easier and more casual than making that dreaded phone call! Of course, it also means you have to keep track of people's e-mail addresses now, in addition to their address and phone number and fax number.


Major companies  set up Internet sites to advertise their products, services and overall philosophies. These sites can cost thousands of dollars to set up and run. However, these days, any person can setup their own personal home page without spending an exorbitant amount of money. You can use your own home page to post your photo, list your favorite hobbies, and even post your favorite jokes. For singles, a home page can provide others a window to your life and a means of discovering someone they' dislike to know more about.


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