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 Can You find Love on the Web?

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Can You find Love on the Web?

The possibility of finding true love on the Internet is one of the most popular new questions I'm asked as online dating heats up.

The answer to whether you can find love from cyberconnecting is a resounding "yes." The results have as much potential as in the case of  personals and video dating. Of course there are no promises, no guarantee. But, the more exposure you get to different people, the more circles you form and the greater your likelihood of meeting someone that interests you.

I'm sure you've heard of successful Web matches. Take, for instance, the story of Carla, a 32-year-old divorced mother of two from Long Island, who took part in a poetry chat room. She met a man from New Mexico who not only shared her same interest in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's works, but who was also newly divorced with a son. Soon they began to "chat" about their children and the mutual problems of being a single parent. Months later, she moved to his town with her children, and they are still living happily together.

Another success story involves Scott. A single guy who worked nights and lived far from the studio, Scott barely had time to go out to meet people. Being a computer geek, though, he would often surf the Net and check out people's home pages. In one of his random searches, he came upon a young woman's home page, with photos of her with her two young boys. as he read her statements about how she loves her children, his heart went aflutter. He sent her an e-mail, she responded, and they exchanged computer messages and later phone calls. Months later, he flew to her hometown in Rochester to meet her, and they fell in love. Sometime thereafter, tragedy struck, as she developed breast cancer and needed treatment. Yet Scott was by her side, and they are, to this day, planning their wedding.



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