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 Why Can't I Get a Date?

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"I can't get a date." How many times in your life have you said this? This generalization itself is self-defeating and needs to be wiped out of your vocabulary. Of course you can get a date, you just might be paralyzed by fear.

One of the most common reasons for making such sweeping statements is that past rejections and bad dating experiences over the years still haunt you. I refer to these experiences as "ghosts of the past." Once you become aware of these ghosts, do some host-busting. That is, separate yourself from past hurts and prevent them from interfering with the present. Remind yourself that you are not a slave to the past. Whatever happened then does not have to repeat now. In fact, you have the power to constantly redesign your life by making new love choices, and carrying out new behaviors that will lead to happier outcomes.


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