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"The nice thing about egoists is that they don't talk about other people."(Lucille S. Harper)

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 What May Be Working Against You

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In addition to a lack of self-confidence and self esteem, here are other reasons that may cause you to strike out when it comes to the dating game.

  • You are "too nice." Let's say you're always bringing flowers or paying for extravagant dinners, but girls never seem too interested in you. Recognize that there is a line between being too nice and being a "doormat," which is not an attractive quality.

  • You're ambiguous about your intentions. Some singles don't get a date simply because they don't ask for one. Be clear about your intentions and don't expect the other person to "read" you.

  • You're simply barking up the wrong tree. When hunting, you should always chase prey that you're able to catch. You can determine this through the prey's habits. However, when you set your sights out of range, you'll never catch your prey. Therefore, don't chase someone who is clearly unavailable; you're only setting yourself up for failure. Experienced hunters -- or daters -- can tell just by looking at someone whether or not they are approachable (e.g. through body language or flirting techniques). You only set yourself up for disappointment when you chase those who don't want to be chased.


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