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"In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word." (Walt Whitman)

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Body Image


Looking your best is not just a matter of the clothes you wear, but also how you take care of your entire body and appearance. Looking your best is important not only for the impression you make, but for feeling good about yourself as well.


It might seem insulting to even mention, but it deserves a respectful reminder: Get clean. Most people are into the good habit of taking a shower, shaving, and washing their hair before they go out. Many have become conditioned to use deodorant or anti-perspirant. But how about paying attention to some of the finer points of grooming? Pick clothes that are clean and pressed. Make sure your nails are clean -- dirty nails have turned up among the top 10 turn-offs in some surveys. And don't forget your toenails -- in summer, of course, they're exposed if you wear sandals. And you may never know when you could take your shoes off for that spontaneous walk along the breach or through the grass.


Everybody knows what it feels like to have a bad hair day -- it can ruin your mood! Liking your hair can be even more primary than feeling right about what you are wearing, because hair frames the face so prominently. Give yourself time to wash and style your hair before your date, in case you are dissatisfied and want to make changes.

Be judicious about trying out a new hairstyle. Certainly be daring if you like, and if it makes you feel exciting, but also be prepared for the effects of sudden changes. Slicking back your hair if you have always worn bangs or tried to make it fuller can be fun, or it can make you uncomfortable or self conscious.


Of course, you want to put on your best face. Consider how much makeup you will feel comfortable wearing on your date. Be careful about overdoing it. Use less than you normally do for a more natural look, or if you know your date likes a more casual look.

As with other preparations, the first date is not always the best time for experimenting. While it can be fun to try something different, usually it is best to be already comfortable with how you look. This is not the night you want to use that new color foundation or eye shadow -- unless you have tried it out before and know whether it looks good on you.


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