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"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men - that is genius."(Ralph Emerson)

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 How To Tell If S/he's Interested

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How To Tell If S/he's Interested

Besides gauging your own interest in another meeting, you of course want to know whether the other person is receptive. The best way to know is to ask for the next date and see if the response is positive, but signs on your first encounter can give you an idea of how much your date enjoyed being with you and whether she or he would like another encounter. here are some of the signs:

  • Smiling at you often
  • Inviting body language -- making the same motions as you do (called "mirroring," such as putting hand to chin when you do) and assuming "open" positions (such as facing toward you, with arms not crossed)
  • Making some contact (holding hands, touching your cheek, or putting an arm around you)
  • Making reference to a future time together, or responding positively to references you make to future encounters (such as "It would be nice to do that together")
  • Maintaining lots of eye contact
  • Being interested in the conversation and keeping it going
  • Trying to find common topics for conversation
  • Seeming energetic and enthusiastic about you, about what you say, and about what you are doing together
  • Complimenting you
  • Moving close to you (for example, sitting on the same side as you in the restaurant)
  • Hugging with comfortable body contact; drawing you close

Of course, the opposite of these would indicate more of a yellow light about further contact. These warning signals indicate that things did not go well:

  • Wanting to end the date earlier than planned
  • Making no references to the future     
  • Returning non-enthusiastic responses to any mentions you make of future contacts
  • Displaying restrained body language that closes off contact (such as crossed arms and legs, turning away, or hands over mouth or eyes)
  • Showing little interest in what you are saying, and engaging in restricted conversation beyond shyness
  • Mentioning other relationships, indicating a desire to set up an excuse about having another boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Making references to being busy, having many commitments, or not being interested in having a relationship (as a preparation for turning down further dates)
  • Being preoccupied with other things, such as fumbling with keys, primping, looking away when it comes time to get into the car, or parting at the door (times when some intimate contact could take place)

Six Signs You might Not Want to Go to Date Number Two

  1. He tells you he hates germs and sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber like Michael Jackson.
  2. Sucking peas in you nostrils didn't go over too well, especially after they fell out with boogers on them.
  3. When you twisted your spaghetti on your fork, it spritzed all over her white see-through blouse
  4. He told you he's worth millions of dollars, but he doesn't have cash for the coat check on valet because his mother handles all his money.
  5. He tells you he's dated models and actress all his life -- and you work for a bank.
  6. He goes to kiss you and saliva drools down his chin.


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